Barge unloading

With about 200 pneumatic Tower type and NIV machines sold worldwide, VIGAN has a strong experience in barge unloading, among which for example:

GDF SUEZ NEDERLAND: it’s a barge unloading NIV 600 type pneumatic unloader on rails with electrical engine and cable reeling drums, 25-meter rotating boom and telescopic pipes, 6-ton bulldozer winch, remote control, acoustic insulation of the cabin. Its capacity is up to 500 tons/hour for unloading wood pellets from river barges to the power plant.

CHONGQING XINPEI FOODSTUFF LTD in Fuling - CHINA: it’s a barge unloading Tower type NIV 400 type ship unloader on a fixed structure and erected on a floating pontoon, with 17-meter rotating boom, vertical and horizontal telescopic pipe in three parts, a 3-ton winch for auxiliary equipment. Capacity is up to 400 metric tons/hour (soy beans).