type 160 – 200 – 300 – 400 – 500 up to 600

The above code numbers are related with capacities (in metric tons per hour) per suction pipe and under specific working conditions: please contact VIGAN for more explanations, illustrations and a full technical description of each machine model.

Those NIV type unloaders are specially adapted to medium size ships up to Post Panamax but can be also for small size vessels in some circumstances.

See how to Choose your machine according to specific unloading operation characteristics.

Most free-flowing materials

Bulk handling not only of any kind of cereals, seeds, nuts, animal feed stuffs as well as for the mobile machines but also delicate cargoes like cocoa beans, malt for breweries, … and other products such as alumina, urea prills, soda ash, wood pellets,…

Many different models

Each machine is customized and optimized according to the customer technical requirements and financial resources: unloading capacity, boom length, stationary, movable (self-propelled or tractable), vessels, size, ....
Most common are on rubber wheels or on rails but also on a stationary gantry.

Filter & airlock

Self-cleaning filter by jet pulse system (high pressure) and VIGAN own manufacture of the airlock: different models corresponding to most diverse applications.

VIGAN turbo-blower(s)

VIGAN high pressure 3 to 4 stages centrifugal turbo-blower(s) with automatic air regulator or electronic speed variator (also called frequency inverter) for energy consumption optimization.
Direct drive .......

Special features

  • Fully hot-dipped galvanized boom;
  • Special alloys for maximum wear resistance: elbow, pipes, flexible ....;
  • Complete range of safety devices;
  • Remote control of all the suction pipe movements;
  • Rotation of the boom: more than 180°.

Main advantages

  • Most efficient cleaning of the vessel or barge hold;
  • Low energy consumption: 0.6 – 0.8 kW per unloaded ton;
  • Low breakage of the products;
  • No spillage: totally enclosed design;
  • No dust: filter with sleeves and automatic cleaning;
  • Low noise thanks to acoustic insulation.
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