Working modes

Mode 1 Suck and blow

Mixture air + products is sucked by VIGAN machine and after separation in the centrifugal cyclone the products are conveyed down by the airlock and blown by the same air coming out of the turbo-blower.

VIGAN mobile machine is sucking the grains from ship hold and blowing them into a hopper on quay with its own self-cleaning filter for delivering into trucks (very low dust emission).

After being sucked from ship hold, the products are blown into a discharge cyclone for delivery into trucks for instance : significant dust emission according to the level of impurities in the products.

Mode 2 Suck only

The suction is the same as for suck and blow mode but after separation in the centrifugal cyclone, the products are discharged by gravity directly from airlock outlet.

Discharging into a quay hopper

Discharging onto a small belt conveyor

Discharging on a conveyor directy to a storage area

Mode 3 Blow only

The products are delivered into a bin above the airlock and the air pushed out the turbo-blower is blowing them.

Special VIGAN machine for stock pile of cereals in Middle East.


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