The whole loading structure can be mounted:

  • On a self-propelled gantry on rails, usually with cable reels
  • On a self-propelled gantry on rubber wheels, with diesel generator or cable reels
  • On a fixed structure

Stationary : it means that the vessel or the barge will have to move during the unloading so that loading head will be able to browse the whole area of the hold(s)

Tractable : it means than by using a tractor for instance, the loader will be able to be displaced along the vessel or the barge.

Self-propelled : this alternative can be also feasible either on rubber wheels or on rails

Other customized characteristics:

  • Electrically driven motor, or with Diesel power unit
  • Bulk loading of any kind of products with density from 0.2 to 1.8
  • Loading boom up to 25 metres
  • Capacities up to 1,200 metric tons per hour (depending on cargo and working conditions).

Our mechanical loaders are suitable for many applications, which the most commons are:

Many other working conditions are feasible, such as ship to barge for instance : contact VIGAN for more information and a special design will be prepared according to your own requirements and your specific bulk handling operations.


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