VIGAN : an integrated Engineering Company
committed to most professional and responsible relationships
with its customers, suppliers, partners and the environment

VIGAN Engineering and Commercial experts, as a task force team, will follow carefully and on strict confidentiality all his customer’s ideas and suggestions in order to develop creative and cost effective solutions.

Economical, technical and environmental requirements and/or constraints are carefully analyzed and thanks to open-minded and effective relationships, VIGAN project management aims towards flexibility and pro-active approach.

First description and general assessment
Technical feasibility studies
Evaluation of operational costs, environmental impact, …
Definition of characteristics and planning
Procurement specifications and order confirmation
... Design and manufacturing

Erection and commissioning
Training of local operations and maintenance staff
Reliable after-sales services

At all the various steps up to the project completion, VIGAN skilled executives and technicians follow a strict multi disciplinary approach to control and coordinate all their actions towards customer’s satisfaction.

During the entire project development process, VIGAN engineers and experts are designing the equipment thanks to modern tools such as latest generation software and production control programs which are part of and fully integrated into the VIGAN high quality standards policy.

VIGAN factory is about 10.000 square metres including 7 industrial halls fully equipped with modern machineries for the various manufacturing processes of the equipment parts from metal works up to painting and the mounting before shipping

During the turnkey installations of the equipment all around the world, VIGAN technicians provide their best know-how to the customers in order to operate and to maintain the machines in most efficient and economical modes.

Training on site or in Belgium is part of VIGAN duties and is carried out by company own technicians with large and international experience.

From single equipment supply to turnkey port terminal, VIGAN team of skilled professional is totally committed: see VIGAN turnkey projects.

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