Thanks to a specially designed suction nozzle and the powerful turbo blower which is producing the vacuum, the free flowing products are mixed with a sufficient amount of air and therefore are conveyed through the pipes to the machine.

The front boom of the mobile machine has a telescopic pipe and this same boom has rotating and/or elevation capabilities in order to make easier the suction nozzle to be at its best position to suck a maximum amount of products.

When the products enter into the cyclone, they are separated :

  • the suction air flows into the turbo blower
  • the products are settling down and conveyed downwards by the airlock (rotary valve).

After passing trough the turbo blower the same air is blowing the products falling down from the airlock towards the exit pipes.

The rear boom thanks to its elevation and rotating capabilities is supporting the blowing pipes and accessories right to the adequate position where the products have to be conveyed.

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