The principle of VIGAN pneumatic unloaders is the following:

In the hold, the products are sucked into the vertical pipes which have telescopic movement capability. A sufficient air turbulence by the suction system will allow to move the products upwards.

Flowing by the elbow towards the horizontal telescopic pipes, the products will enter into a receiving hopper wherean airlock (or also called rotary valve) will convey the products downwards to a mechanical conveyor.

The sucking air will be cleaned by a jet pulse type filter before entering into the vacuum producing system by centrifugal type turbo blower(s).

In the NIV type VIGAN unloaders, the boom that supports the suction pipes, the filter and the airlock as well as the main engine room with the turbo blower(s) are rotating on a slewing ring.

Designed for all types of barges and vessels (from Handy size up to post Panamax), VIGAN NIV type unloaders are suited for the handling of bulk products under the most common working conditions :

Many other working conditions are feasible, such as ship to barge for instance : contact VIGAN for more information and a special drawing will be prepared according to your own requirements and your specific bulk handling operations.

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