The system is a method of conveying bulk materials in an essentially vertical direction by means of a pair of conveyor belts which holds the material « sandwich fashion » between them. When being elevated and conveyed the material is in contact only with the belts, which are held together by a combination of edge seals and gentle air pressure.

Material is picked up by the feeder and then passes into the elevator leg section of the SIMPORTER.

Twin-Belt Systems

The carrier and cover belts together form a single elevating and conveying section in which the material is held gently but firmly throughout its travel up the elevator leg and along the boom.

Within the elevator leg section, the belts are contained within air boxes where they are held together by a combination of edge seals and gentle air pressure. The elastic central section of the cover belt stretches as required to accommodate the material being conveyed. A centrifugal fan supplies pressurised air to keep the belts together in the elevator leg section.

Since the material is stationary relative to the belts there is no degradation of the material as it is conveyed through the SIMPORTER from the hold of the vessel to the quayside.

All movements of the SIMPORTER may be carried out by a single operator only, seated in an enclosed air conditioned cabin located so as to provide a clear view of the ship's hold. A PLC and display unit in combination with local panels provide controls and information to the operator. These contain touch screen control for various motors and joystick levers, which control slewing in either direction, luffing of the boom and kick-in and kick-out movements of the elevator leg.

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