Which products are suitable for transport by VIGAN equipment ?

VIGAN pneumatic unloading machines are suitable to convey all types of cereals, beans, seeds, most of the raw materials for animal feeding and also many other products such a chemicals, alumina, soda ash, …

not only in powdery form but also in pellets (granules) or prills for instance.

Generally speaking the products must be free flowing or in other words to flow down freely when a certain amount of products in your hands is released when progressively opening them.

The natural angle of repose is usually around 30°: the particle size and physical form must allow this free flowing nature.

Usually the apparent density is around 0.5 to 1.5 : it means 500 to 1,500 kilos per cubic meter.

Humidity and/or fat content should adequate to avoid the product to stick when travelling into the pneumatic pipes.

For slightly compacted material such as Soy Bean Meal (SBM) , VIGAN has engineered a special efficient accessory to free flow the material before its suction.

According to the product characteristics (its delicate nature), VIGAN will suggest the adequate equipment for minimizing the breakage.

Mechanical unloading machines like Simporter are able to handle other products but each product in bulk has its own behavior: please consult VIGAN

For the loading of ship, almost all products in bulk with a granular form including fertilizers can be perfectly transported by VIGAN equipment: please contact us.

Most common products handled with VIGAN machines: wheat, rice, corn , soy beans, soy bean meal, rape seed, oats, rye, barley, malt, palm kernels, cocoa beans, coffee beans,

  • wood pellets and other pellets from the agricultural industries;
  • most of feedstuffs;
  • alumina, soda ash… a few fertilizers.

Materials which are not transported by VIGAN machines:

  • Sand;
  • Cement;
  • Coal;
  • Minerals such as bauxite, iron ore, …

Machine mobiles (portables – grain pumps) are not suitable for products such as alumina, soda ash, petrocoke, fertilizers, …

With more than 40 years experience in bulk handling, VIGAN will study carefully any enquiry and orient the customers accordingly.

Please contact us

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