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Vigan mobile machines Type 100, 120 and 200 have different conveying capacities depending on working conditions: please contact VIGAN for more explanations, illustrations and a full technical description of each machine model. Bulk handling of any kind of cereals, seeds, nuts, animal feeds and many other free-flowing materials such as for example :

Working modes

VIGAN mobile machines type 100 and 120 are able to work in three different modes : Suck and Blow, Suck only, Blow only.

High performance
model 200

Most powerful model type 200 works only in suction with a conveying capacity up to 250 mtph (metric tons per hour).

Diesel engines
Electrical motors

First class manufacturers with worldwide after-sales services. Up to 300 HP installed power...

VIGAN turbo-blower

VIGAN high pressure 3 to 4 stages centrifugal turbo-blower with automatic air regulator for maximum performances in all working conditions.

VIGAN airlock

VIGAN cast iron heavy duty airlock and specially forged by a sister company of Van de Wiele group with capacities of 75 to 200 liters per rotation.

Many accessories

Complete range of accessories which are specially adapted to a very large range of applications for a maximum flexibility of the machine working conditions.

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