Main advantages

Most efficient cleaning thanks to the suction of goods down to the lowest layer in the hold, which can also be even quicker with auxiliary equipment.

The boom can be equipped with a hoist (winch) for an auxiliary equipment (pay loader, skid steer loader or small bulldozer types): it allows to lift it from the quay and to drop it onto the hold bottom.

Usually on wheels, but also possibly on tracked type, this auxiliary equipment will push the products around the suction nozzle for speeding up the cleaning operations.

Low energy consumption: field reports from VIGAN customers are confirming that optimized design + direct drive of the turbo blower(s) + speed variator (also called frequency inverter) are allowing a power consumption of 0.6 to 0.7 kW per ton.

See above

Contact VIGAN for more details and comparative comments with other alternatives such as grabs, or other continuous ship unloading (CSU) systems such as screw or chain for instance.

No spillage: no leakage like usually with grabs (clamshells) thanks to the negative pressure inside the suction pipes; conveyor and loading spouts are equipped with dust control devices (options).

Low noise: noise of turbo blowers (low frequency waves) can be easily dampened and special noise insulation devices can be installed.

Piping system can be also noise insulated.


More detailed specifications: please contact VIGAN


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