Filter & airlock

VIGAN filters are sized according to the type of products and the conveying capacity of the equipment. The filtering area is usually between ± 70 to ± 170 square metres and the cleaning of the filter elements by compressed air: this is commonly known as the jet pulse system. The compressed air at ± 7 bars dislodges the dust cake which is stick on the filtering material and it returns into the main flow of the products.

The electronic regulation allows optimizing the flow of the compressed air into the sleeves according to the nature of the products and the filtering material characteristics.

For products such as alumina, the filtering elements are in sintered polyethylene matrix, guaranteeing less than 1 mg/m³ downstream.

VIGAN airlocks are fully designed and manufactured in its own factory. The close tolerance between the rotor and the housing maintains the vacuum in the receiving hopper. The airlock handles de products from a negative pressure area down to a positive pressure area: discharge into a mechanical conveyor or directly into a hopper for loading trucks for instance.

  • Over dimensioned bearings in external supports to the lateral flanges of the airlock for constant centering despite variations in temperature and mechanical loads.
  • Teflon seals are adjustable externally thus any leakage is visible and easily corrected.
  • Blades of the rotor are adjustable and made in extra hard tips (NIHARD alloy).


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