Many different models

In the tower type VIGAN unloaders, the boom that supports the suction pipes, the filter and the airlock are rotating on a slewing ring: the main engine room with the turbo blower(s) is stationary.

Once the unloading capacity in metric tons per hour is defined and also the size of the vessels to be unloaded, three most alternatives are feasible:

Stationary : it means that the vessel or the barge will have to move during the unloading so that suction nozzle will be able to browse the whole area of the hold(s)

Tractable : it means than by using an tractor for instance, the tower type equipment will be able to be displaced along the vessel or the barge.

Self-propelled : this alternative can be also feasible either on rubber wheels or on rails

As each tower type unloader is fully customized according to each project technical requirements and financial aspects: VIGAN engineering team will provide his best know-how to orient the customer accordingly.


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