Special features

VIGAN boom with its suction pipes are fully hot- dipped galvanized by immersion which means with anti corrosion protection also inside the steel tubes which form the triangulated lattice structure. This kind of protection has a longer shelf life than the painted models.

Special alloys such as NIHARD and/or with high content of Manganese and/or Chrome are used for maximum wear resistance for elbow, flexible pipes and so on.

Many standard safety devices (list available upon request) are installed on VIGAN machines: each project being customized, those safety devices are completed according to customer’s requirements and regularly complemented according to latest mandatory rules by official organisms.

VIGAN remote control box by radio allows to operate of all movements of the boom with its telescopic suction pipes : it can be also be from ship deck with a cable from his control box.

Main options are: joystick, wireless control box and control from the operator cabin.

The boom with its suction pipes can rotate more than 180 ° which allows easy parking position of VIGAN equipment and in some case (see illustration) to unload on both side of a narrow pier.


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