VIGAN NIV type unloaders are most commonly designed for the unloading of oceanic vessels up to Post Panamax size.

Nevertheless those equipment can also be very suitable for the discharge of smaller ones according to specific conditions such as for instance when a rather long boom is needed, because the unloader slewing ring cannot be nearby the water border … or for any other reason.

It should be noted that in some circumstances a feasible alternative is to have a telescopic horizontal suction pipe in three parts in order to increase the reaching range achieved by the vertical suction pipes.

On trucks

Most frequently those equipment are self propelled on rubber wheels and with their own diesel generator.

As they are self propelled, they are allowing quick displacement along the ships and therefore most efficient unloading operation into the various holds.

Also the ship unloader can easily move to a parking area in order to free the quay for any other port operation such as the unloading of general cargoes & containers, and eventually travel towards another pier when convenient.

As an option it is feasible to manufacture a VIGAN equipment with both power sources : diesel generator and an electrical feeding cable reel. In this case thanks to a specific electrical cabinet, it can be switched quickly from one power source to another.

VIGAN ship unloaders on rubber wheels are often equipped with two loading chutes for filling the telescopic truck loading spouts and dust control devices : see special features.

Into railway cars

Usually for the loading of wagons, the unloaders are rail mounted for a better parallelism between the displacement of the equipment and the center line of the rail lane.

The electrical feeding thanks to a cable reel is the most common option when loading wagons.

Into silos & warehouses

In this case, a conveyor parallel to the quay border allows the handling of the products from the ship unloader to the storage facilities.

This type of conveyor can be underground, at pier level, or at a certain height for instance to allow the passage of small port equipment underneath.

For similar reasons as for railways cars, the ship unloader is usually rail mounted… but can also be on rubber wheels: a few VIGAN technical alternatives exist to overcome the concerns about the not perfectly linear displacement of gantries on rubber wheels

The delivery of the products can be also into a quay side hopper which can be a buffer between the trucks or as illustrated into a special hopper for filling big bags.

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