COMPRESSOR for filter cleaning

The Atlas Copco air compressor unit includes an air intake filter with silencer and vibration damper. Ring type oil lubrication with oil level indicator. Cooling ventilator and shrouds.

Upon exiting the air compressor, the compressed air is first cooled in a separate refrigeration unit with electric fan and condensed into a high condenser column, equipped with an automatic water ejector, the purpose of which is to extract the humidity from the compressed air.

Thanks to these devices, the compressed air will ensure a very long trouble-free life span for the systems of the VIGAN ship unloader.

HYDRAULIC JACKS for vertical leg and horizontal boom, including:

  • Piloted pressure regulator to stabilize the operating pressure, supplied with safety seal cap.
  • Flow regulating valve with manual knob with indicator and set of screws for adjusting the speeds of motions. These valves are specially designed for low sensitivity to heat and pressures, supplied with safety seal cap.
  • Piloted anti-return flow check valve for total static stability.
  • Electro-valves 220 volts AC for long coil's life duration size 5 (N.G. 10). Mechanical action on the valve by pressure finger inside oil lubricated tube which permits the replacement of electric coils without risk of contamination. These above electro-valves control the movements and the return of oil to tank.

The above types of hydraulic components are made by REXROTH (MANNESMAN) in Germany, all sizes are 100 % standardized. This equipment is known for its high degree of reliability; they are standard in aerospace industry, machine tools and military equipments.

All above components are manufactured for 315 bars continuous service, their reliability is of 100 %.


Although the SIMPORTER system is inherently dust-free, a dust extraction plant is fitted at the discharge point of the belts in the reception hood, to suppress dust that may escape from the cargo.

The filter units feature:

  • Textile filter sleeves, on their basket, self-supporting and easily replaceable from clean side casing. Typically totalising 10 to 20 m² (Dimension subject to changes with cargoes, capacities and filtering elements technology)
  • Automatic cleaning unit by reverse air jet, featuring electro-pneumatic controls, air reservoir and reverse jet controller
  • Centrifugal fan unit, power ranging from 4 to 7.5 kW and a system of ducting as appropriate.
  • Dust collected by the filters will be automatically returned to the product stream.

To suit capacities, cargoes and general arrangements, two types of dust filters can be installed, either insert or free standing.


The unloader has several places from where operations can be controlled. The operator's cabin is the main one. Another is the inching station: loading outlets are controlled from an auxiliary small platform extended from the gantry upper beam platform for an easier visual control. All functions are also available from the corresponding MCC panel and the PLC.

Luffing, kicking, slewing, feeder, travelling are controlled from a portable weather resistant push button console with a 20 m reinforced flexible cable for operation from ship's deck or from the operator’s cabin. This control console is fitted with long cable giving free movements around the unloader. The cable is encased in a heavy rubber hose for protection against shocks, humidity or dust. The cable is plugged by an hermetic clamping plug at the slewing pedestal on the gantry. It is easily removable for safe storage inside the engine room.This console is fitted with spare buttons. The console can also be radio (RF) controlled, with a battery pack.

Typical functional design specifications may include: interlocks, selection local/remote modes between various control points, alarms reset, movement limitations, emergency shut-down modes and reset, etc. which can be programmed to Client's specifications and according to regulations and safety standards.


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