Vacuum ship unloaders

Since its foundation in 1968, VIGAN sold all over the world more than one thousand pneumatic vacuum ship unloaders.

The most recent pneumatic mobile vacuum ship unloaders are:

  • ALEXANDRIA port in EGYPT: Four Type 200 with electrical motor and 9-meter front boom. The total capacity of the four vacuum ship unloaders is up 4 x 270 = 1.080 metric tons/hour (cereals).
  • LATTAKIA PORT GENERAL COMPANY vacuum ship unloader: Two Mobile Type 200 with Caterpillar Diesel engine, 9-meter front boom and transfer conveyor. Its capacity is up to 270 metric tons/hour (cereals).
  • TURBO NEGOCE vacuum ship unloader: One Mobile Type 120 with Volvo Diesel engine, mounted on existing hopper, and with 6-meter front boom. Discharge of barges. Its capacity is up to 170 metric tons/hour (cereals).


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