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What means VIGAN ?

The chance makes that VIGAN means Sciences in Hindu.
Nevertheless the wording was chosen and registered with as first objective to pronounce it easily in all major international languages.

The name VIGAN looks mainly to evoke the vigorousness.

VIGAN Engineering S.A is a Belgian company with its headquarters in Nivelles industrial area about 30 kms south of Brussels at the heart of the European Community.

VIGAN manufactures a complete range of pneumatic & mechanical conveying systems for products in bulk not only thanks to the supply machines but also by managing complete turnkey projects.

Nivelles city is easily accessible due to its proximity to European highways and about one hour drive to the port of Antwerp which allows excellent transport conditions for all its equipment to foreign countries.

All the company activities take place on the same 10,000 m² site which enables easy and very quick exchange of information among all departments including sales, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and after-sales technical assistance. VIGAN engineering department with 450 m² space boasts latest software technologies (such as CAO – CAM types)

Looking for

  • Handling products in bulk with capacities from 50 to 1,500 metric tons per hour and/or
  • Bulk handling and storage in ports

for any free flowing materials like cereals, grains, seeds, animal feed, alumina, petro coke, chemicals, industry raw materials, …

VIGAN is your engineering partner and your solution provider

VIGAN achievements were several times rewarded by trade and official organizations such as :

  • Belgian Foreign Trade Board in 1993 (www.abh-ace.be) and
  • Twice by Walloon Region of Belgium in 1998 and 2010 (AWEX)
  • International Bulk Journal: « Best loading/unloading system » = IBJ Award 2011

and a most well known company in the professional sectors: see press release

and with most frequent visits of foreign delegations


VIGAN excellence is also recognized by hundreds of international references.

As an affiliate company from VAN DE WIELE group (which has an annual turnover of about 400 millions USD and about 2,000 workers and employees in more than 10 different countries) and with more than 30 years of experience, VIGAN is a most reliable partner from your project ideas to their full completion and for your total satisfaction thanks to its service excellence and equipment performances.

As VIGAN has many agents & representatives all over the world, contact us for more information about VIGAN International Commercial Network.

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