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VIGAN manufactures a complete range of pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems for products in bulk not only thanks to the supply machines but also by managing complete turnkey projects.

VIGAN is a Belgian company with its headquarters in Nivelles industrial area about 30 kilometers south of Brussels at the heart of the European Community.


VIGAN company is a worldwide leader in ship unloading systems mainly: grain pumps, pneumatic continuous unloaders for barges and Pneumatic and Mechanical continuous unloaders up to post-Panamax vessels.

VIGAN excellence in the ship unloaders is recognized by more than 1500 of international references.


Designed for almost any kind of products in bulk, VIGAN loaders are suitable for all size of barges or vessels.

The loading is mechanical: cargo can be for instance transported into the loading boom by integrated belt or chain conveyor and discharged by gravity into the ship hold thanks to a telescopic loading chute.


VIGAN capabilities include also complete turnkey projects for port terminal including ship unloading and loading, storage facilities and bagging operations.

During all the project completion, VIGAN follow a strict multi disciplinary approach to control and coordinate all their actions towards customer’s satisfaction.

Worldwide leader in bulk cargo handing We are at your service


machines all over the world

VIGAN pneumatic and mechanical systems for bulk handling and storage products are placed in multiple ports located around the world.

Most frequent questions

Which ship size is adapted for pneumatic unloaders?

VIGAN equipment range allows to unload any size of ship because mobile machines can be put on ship deck of large size vessels and large size models can have a boom with its suction pipes up to 31 meters for vessels post-Panamax size.

Which products are suitable for transport by VIGAN equipment?

In most case, the products should be free flowing like cereals, nuts and beans, powdery chemicals for instance with a bulk density around 0.5 to 1.5 density.

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