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Terminals for unloading and loading ship VIGAN

Using its long and strong experience of importing and exporting terminals around the world, VIGAN company can also provide turnkey solutions.

Thanks to strong relationships with business partners specialized in complementary equipment, VIGAN is offering complete turnkey projects like grain and fertilizer terminals with pneumatic and mechanical ship unloaders and loaders, cranes, conveyors, weighing and bagging stations, stora ge silos and portable machines, as well as supervision of the engineering and civil work.

Case study

The Djibouti port

One of our last turnkey project was for the Port De Djibouti S.A. (PDSA) which decide to build a new Multi-Purpose Port of Doraleh to improve and replace the previous installation existing at Djibouti port. The whole design and manufacturing of the new multi-purpose unloading equipment and warehouses have been subcontracted to VIGAN.

The new terminal allows to discharge, handle, store and bag grain and fertilizer for a total of +/- 2.000.000 tons per year, and handles vessels from 30.000 tons up to 100.000 DWT. Two separate installations for grain and fertilizer will be built to prevent cross contamination.

For the unloading of grain and fertilizer, VIGAN manufactured and commissioned:

  • 1 pneumatic ship unloader NIV600 with unloading capacity of 600 tph/500kW, mounted on rails;
  • Set of belt and chain conveyor systems;
  • 1 hopper on wheels with 3 bagging lines of 60t/h and truck loading;
  • 14 lines of 60t/h bagging systems;
  • 2 flat warehouses totaling 85.000T (grain terminal) and 2 flat warehouses totaling 145.000T (fertilizer terminal);
  • 2 bulk truck loading stations;
  • 2 bulk receiving hoppers;

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