« What makes us unique »
VIGAN office engineer

Complete integration

VIGAN designs, manufactures and assembles completely in house.
This is true for every technological aspect:

  • Complete design and calculation of the machine
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the mechanical structure and the equipment
  • Preparation, coating, protection, shipment
  • I&C development and installation
  • Electrical drawing and enclosures manufacturing
  • ...

Vigan is completely vertically integrated

Compare to others who heavily rely on sub-contracting, we have full control on quality and planning. Our teammates are specialized and our team of workers in preparation and assembly halls is the same travelling abroad for erection and commissioning.

Our machines are pre-assembled and tested in our factory. This complete care and follow-up from design to commissioning has been the success of VIGAN over the past 50 years. Thanks to our strong experience and strict European standards, we deliver quality equipment in time.

Robust technology

VIGAN uses robust and established technology. We guarantee our customer reliable operation, even in heavy duty conditions. The technologies used are straightforward and known by local teams. We choose to design our machines with the customer needs in mind.

Compared to others, this is reflected in the choices of our components that are standardized, our high-quality wear resistant material, our simple and efficient design choices like our filter units.

By making, right from the start, choices for the machine reliability through its lifetime, we meet our customer satisfaction not only at commissioning but through the complete machine lifetime.

It is not a coincidence we have machines with more than 30 years of continuous operation in difficult locations still meeting the customer expectations.

Engineering and development

VIGAN Engineering is continuously developing new technical solutions to offer the most efficient equipment on the market (ship loaders and unloaders solutions).

We are, for example, the only company in our market to propose true multi-stage turbo blowers, round turbulence-free elbows designed for millions of tons, airlock with a blade adjusting system... We are proud to be a technological flagship and pioneers for the industry and one step ahead for developments that matter. This is true for example for energy consumption where VIGAN was the first to use inverter technology on the vacuum units.

Our design is straight-to-the-point and free of obsolete «gadget» accessories. Our machines are probably the most efficient on the market by design and with very low maintenance and operational costs.

We can provide:

Customer services

After-sales in VIGAN is completely integrated into the selling department of spare parts. It is a philosophy right from the design where we want to provide a flexible solution to our customer. By choosing third party components with world-wide representations, detailed and clear maintenance instructions, the customer has a choice to call VIGAN for support or to build his own internal expertise.

We select components with maximal lifetimes and propose a preventive maintenance schedule leading to the best machine availability without the need of experienced staff.

For critical spares, VIGAN is always keeping a strategic stock to swiftly support the customers worldwide. We keep track of our machines even after technology change and are often supporting customers operating equipment from other brands!

Our first goal is customer satisfaction.

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