Ship loaders

Simple but heavy-duty loaders
Ship loader VIGAN

The VIGAN loaders are offering large variety of technical solutions to accommodate the site configuration, the vessel sizes, the importance of operability, the filling efficiency and the dust management.

Our ship loaders are designed up to 2.000 tons/hour for various products. Many layouts are possible, such as fixed/on tires/on rails gantries, with varying height and width, customized boom length, loading spout type, dust control system, control cabin, static or rotating thrower...

Instead of pushing a standard machine, VIGAN proposes to the customer the right compromise between those key design items and a cost-effective solution. The final set-up is tailor-made based upon customer’s needs and requests to produce the most efficient and reliable solution possible. Each machine produced is unique.

Ship loaders

Key features

High customization
Loader ship VIGAN

High customization

VIGAN proposes a high degree customization for its ship loader to match product, flowrate, operability and site needs.

Dust management
Loader ship VIGAN

Dust management

One of the key subjects in loading is dust. VIGAN has a unique approach to guarantee dust free loading operation by providing the best hatch coverage solutions.

Designed for high volumes
Loader ship VIGAN

Designed for high volumes

At VIGAN, we design loaders for high volumes. It means that we want to prevent the changes of equipment and parts due to wear by design or by the equipment quality.

Ship loaders

Loading possibilities

Draw standard anti-dust skirt

Standard anti-dust skirt

High wear telescopic chute with dust skirt.

Draw dust suction

Dust suction

Telescopic chute with integrated dust suction system.

Draw slewing elbow

Slewing elbow

Telescopic chute with slewing elbow for trimming.

Draw dust thrower

Dust thrower

Telescopic chute with slewing motorized thrower.

Draw kicking


Telescopic kicking chute with dust-control mouth.

Draw cascade


Telescopic chute with flow speed control.

Ship loaders

Adaptation to site

Gantry VIGAN Gantry VIGAN Gantry VIGAN


Various possibilities from fix solution to gantry on rails or tires.

Loading booms
Loading booms VIGAN Loading booms VIGAN Loading booms VIGAN Loading booms VIGAN

Loading booms

Different booms adapted to vessel size: slewing, telescopic, with luffing, with kicking...

Connection with facilities
Loader VIGAN Loader VIGAN Loader VIGAN

Connection with facilities

Bucket elevator, tripper, transfer conveyor, slewing conveyor, fix connection point...

VIGAN loader cabin VIGAN loader VIGAN loader mounting VIGAN loader snow


Many accessories and options: filter, operator cabin, remote support, climate adaptation, ATEX, chemical adaptation, retrofitting of VIGAN technology on other loader brands...

Designed for almost any kind of products in bulk... VIGAN loaders are suitable for all size of barges or vessels

VIGAN loader - Sète, Frane - 2011

Sète, Frane - 2011

Loader 800tph

VIGAN loader - Liepaja, Latvia - 2012

Liepaja, Latvia - 2012

Loader 1000tph

VIGAN loader - Ust Luga, Russia - 2014

Ust Luga, Russia - 2014

Loader 1500tph

VIGAN loader - Gent, Belgium - 2014

Gent, Belgium - 2014

Loader 300tph

VIGAN loader - Rouen, France - 2016

Rouen, France - 2016

Loader 800tph / Unloader type tower 400tph

VIGAN loader - Szczecin, Poland - 2016

Szczecin, Poland - 2016

Loader 1000tph

VIGAN loader - Les Sables d'Olonnes, France - 2016

Les Sables d'Olonnes, France - 2016

Loader 700tph

VIGAN loader - Port-la-Nouvelle, France - 2016

Port-la-Nouvelle, France - 2016

Loader 1000tph

VIGAN loader - Antwerpen, Belgium - 2017

Antwerpen, Belgium - 2017

Ship loader 150tph on gantry on rails with tripper

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