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Pneumatic unloader ship VIGAN

We are designing continuous ship unloaders dedicated for the needs of our customers. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of unloaders with configurations for all possible sites, products and client expectations.

Our unloaders can be provided for unloading capacities ranging from 100 to 1500tph, for various bulk products and with different unloading technologies. This guarantees that we can always propose the right machine for your project. We have developed each machine type to excel in its category in terms of efficiency, safety and quality.


Select your ship unloader

icon grain pump

Grain pump From 120 to 250 mtph

Our portable grain ship unloaders provide very flexible solutions. Compact and mobile units are available in suction and blow configuration with a wide range of accessories.

icon barge unloader

Barge unloader From 160 to 600 mtph

Our pneumatic barge unloaders are suitable for the unloading of coastal vessels and of barges with unloading booms from 15 to 20m with a site customized gantry.

icon niv

NIV From 200 to 800 mtph

The NIV pneumatic ship unloaders are available with long unloading booms to unload up to post Panamax vessels and are designed stationary or mobile according to site requirements.

icon simporter

SIMPORTER From 800 to 1500 mtph

The SIMPORTER is our mechanical ship unloader. It uses a unique twin belt technology and is designed for large capacities.

VIGAN Unloading ship

VIGAN Expert in unloading solutions

Through continuous development, VIGAN has developed unique designs and technologies to be and remain world leader on the pneumatic ship unloader market.

Being ahead in market share and reliability is the result of proposing the best equipment developed hand in hand with the customer.

Among others, VIGAN have designed the following unique technologies for its ship unloaders:

  • True inline multi-stage turbo blower with electronic regulation for efficiency and energy savings
  • Unique round elbow design in high-quality anti wear casting alloy for maintenance-free million tons of operations
  • Airlock with replaceable and adjustable blades
  • Twin-belt with airbox system for bulk handling with low energy consumption

Bulk handling

Products handled

VIGAN unloading machines are suitable to convey all types of cereals, beans, seeds, most of the raw materials for animal feeding and also many other products such as chemicals, alumina, soda ash... not only in powders but also in pellets or prills for instance.

Typical products are free flowing with an angle of repose of around 30° and an apparent density ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 tons/m³. For slightly compacted material such as soybean meal, VIGAN has engineered a special efficient nozzle foreseen with motorized screws to free flow the material before its suction.

According to the product characteristics (its delicate nature), VIGAN suggests the adequate equipment for minimal breakage. Mechanical unloading machines like our Simporter can handle another product portfolio, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Alfafa pellets Alfafa pellets
Alumina Alumina
Barley Malt< Barley Malt
Cargo rice Cargo rice
Cocoa beans Cocoa beans
Coffee beans Coffee beans
Granulated phosphate Granulated
Potassium chloride Potassium chloride
Rapeseed Rapeseed
Soda ash Soda ash
Sodium Potassium nitrate Sodium
Potassium nitrate
Soft wheat Soft wheat
Sorgo Sorgo
Soya beans Soya beans
Sulphur Sulphur
Sunflower seeds Sunflower seeds

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