Pneumatic ship unloader

To use Vigan pneumatic unloader, the ship doesn’t have to meet a specific size. Vigan range of equipment covers all types of vessels. Mobile machines can be put on ship deck of large size vessels. NIV machines can have a boom up to 28 meters with its related suction pipes able to unload vessels up to post-Panamax size.

VIGAN equipment can unload efficiently free flowing products like cereals, nuts and beans. Its NIV pneumatic unloader is also adapted to handle delicate products like malt for breweries or cocoa bean. However, VIGAN also developed technologies to handle products which may be slightly compacted, such as soybean meal for example.

Furthermore, they offer higher overall efficiency, with low operational costs. In conclusion, pneumatic ship unloader is easy, safe to use and preserves the environment. To choose your pneumatic ship unloader between Vigan range, please consult our available machines.

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