Grain pump

Mobile and portable solutions
Grain ship unloader VIGAN

Pneumatic grain pumps are versatile unloaders that can be customized to specific needs and are using standard accessories to guarantee short delivery times.

The unique VIGAN multi-stage turbo-blower is creating vacuum in the mobile machine. A mix of cargo and air is sucked up through the suction pipes and subsequently separated.

Depending on the application this can be done via a cyclone or through a dust filter with filtering sleeves. The product is then evacuated through a VIGAN airlock. Depending on the application, the product can be blown with the air exhaust of the turbo-blower through a loading piping system to its next destination.

Grain pump

Key features

Efficient and reliable solution
VIGAN portable grain pumps

Efficient and reliable solution

The mobile machine design makes no concession on the equipment quality as it is using the same technologies as the larger VIGAN ship unloaders. Equipment installed is easy to maintain and from quality E.U. suppliers with worldwide representatives.

Design assembly and test in our factory
VIGAN portable grain pump

Design assembly and test in our factory

VIGAN designs, manufactures and assembles its equipment completely in-house. From small to large machines, VIGAN is the only ship unloader and barge unloader supplier with complete design, manufacturing and tests capacities in its factory allowing an integrated quality control.

Easy and simple
VIGAN portable grain pump

Easy and simple

The machine comes pre-equipped and pre-tested, so it is easy to put into service. Operations and maintenance are simple to the user and the mobile machine is a flexible tool. Our technicians and after-sales department can give support anywhere in the world.

Since 1968, VIGAN sold more than 1300 grain pumps

VIGAN portable grain pump - Shanghai - China 2004

Shanghai, China - 2004

Portable grain pump type 100 for unloading barges into trucks.
Capacity: 140T/hour (cereals).

VIGAN portable grain pump - Doha, Qatar - 2011

Doha, Qatar - 2011

2 portable grain pumps 120D - sucking grain from heap to trucks.

VIGAN portable grain pumps - Alexandria, Egypt - 2016

Alexandria, Egypt - 2016

4 portable grain pumps type MOB200.

VIGAN portable grain pump - Conakry, Guinea - 2013

Conakry, Guinea - 2013

Portable grain pump type 120D - from warehouse to truck.

VIGAN portable grain pump - Lehaucourt, France - 2010

Lehaucourt, France - 2010

Portable grain pump type 120D on frame for barge unloading.

VIGAN portable grain pump - Chittagong, Bangladesh - 2016

Chittagong, Bangladesh - 2016

Portable grain pump type MOB120 with bagging station.

VIGAN portable grain pump - Algeria - 2013

Algeria - 2013

8 portable grain pumps type 120D - 150tph on cereals.
Active in various Algerian ports.

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